Plomin, ancient "Flanona", a place of great stories and beautiful scenery. Apparently sleepy town has a rich history for thousands of years.

Fortified town is situated above the blue - green gulf and overlooks Kvarner. It originated in prehistoric times, when the residents vigilantly watched and celebrated the forces of Nature, has still preserved a close connection with the rhythm.

Even today, the fort bellflower of Plomin, protected purple flower that enchants the whole area with its mystical color. Its stone buildings vividly remember the reign of the god Silvanus, the protector of the ancient plants and animals, Liburni pirates and their sea adventure, ancient Romans and their powerful buildings, church dignitaries and guardians of the faith, centuries-old port and skilled sailors, great battles in front of his door and quietness which today provides every visitor.

"Uskoci" attacked Plomin 1599th year, and then again fifteen years later. From that day, the legend of the Italians called Plomin "Fianona". According to legend deserters are killed all the people that were present in Plomin. Bloody Uskoks attack experienced by his granddaughter and grandmother (FIA e nona) hiding before jumped into the chimney.

In this city of long life, by which Kvarner named Sinus Flanaticus, putting the seal on all the time and people who come, has a spirit of timelessness, blending history and look at the sea, perfectly depicting the circle of life.